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Superfoods for Superwomen

We believe that a healthy routine and a balanced diet is something everyone should think about incorporating. But today we’re focusing on women’s health and especially on optimising the modern busy woman’s health-benefiting choices with superfoods.

Everyday life spreads us thin and quite often leaves us with little to no time for pausing and thinking about what we put in our body. Though, thanks to the popularity of superfoods in recent years it has become so much easier to utilise nature’s amazing nutritious gifts to our benefit.

Let’s go through some of the favourite choices among superfoods especially benefiting women’s health and vitality.

Maca superfood

Maca – the ultimate South American symbol of youth and a natural aphrodisiac.

If there’s one superfood perfectly designed for women by Mother Nature it sure is the maca powder. Here’s why:

  • This root plant has been known since ancient times for balancing out feminine energy. It eases out physical and mental fatigue and has high nutritional values and healing power. It contains sterols, tannins, alkaloids and saponins which are known to have a synergetic effect. The dried root is rich in vitamins C, B2, B3, and B6 and the following minerals – calcium, potassium, copper, and iron. As well as some fatty acids like linoleic, palmate, and oleic acid, amino acids and polysaccharides.
  • It energises the body and helps out with muscle pain, so it`s a great addition for active women.
  • Daily use can help slow down the aging process.
  • It can help regulate hormonal imbalances but also PMS as well as pre-menopause and menopause symptoms.
  • Benefits sexual health and libido,  and this goes for both men and women.
  • Maca has a lovely sweet almost caramel-like aroma and taste. It is perfect for daily smoothies, shakes, oat breakfast, and raw desserts on the go.

Cacao beans – a natural aid to a happy mood.

There is really no surprise they made the list, but with just one detail – we’re talking about whole cacao beans. Yes, whole cacao beans are an amazing alternative when you’re out of your favourite dark chocolate. And they’re bite-sized.

They’re naturally sugar-free and are rich in proteins, healthy fats, iron, fiber, and calcium. And most importantly antioxidants, serotonins, magnesium and B vitamins which are the key ingredients for a sunny disposition! In-depth – serotonin and the rest of the aminos like tryptophan, anandamid, dopamine, phenylethylamine and the enzymes contained in cacao beans have a favourable effect on brain functions by restoring and helping the circulations of the bio transmitters.

Having 5 to 10 raw cacao beans a day as a snack between meals can help you fight against chronic depression, fatigue, loss of sleep and kidney and liver disorders.

They can help with bad cholesterol, prevent heart disease, help proper pancreatic functions, can assist in strengthening the bone structure and normalise blood sugar levels.

ashwagandha superfood

Ashwagandha – or also known as Indian ginseng – assists in the release of stress and improves sleep.

One of the main herbs used in Ayurveda and a strong aphrodisiac it is rich in iron, antioxidants, tannins, glucose, alkaloids, fatty acids, and lactones. Simultaneously benefits the body and the mind by restoring energy levels and vitality, especially after going through an illness or virus.

Its Latin name (Withania somnifera) literally means ‘one that induces sleep’. With regular use, it can benefit from a better sleep pattern and even balance out anxiety levels. Those with a strained nervous system can help strengthen it by taking a daily teaspoon of ashwagandha dissolved in warm water of tea.

Reishi superfood

Reishi Powder – a powerhouse for a toxin-free body

What is the reishi mushroom? – It is an edible mushroom in a reddish colour that usually grows on a variety of tree trunks and branches. It has been used in Eastern Medicine since its dawn but because of reishi’s rarity in the wild and the demand for it, by the 1970’s it was already a cultivated product.

Reishis effects on your body:

It is no surprise it has been cultivated for nearly 50 years now, because the mushroom has exceptional possibilities for benefiting the human body.

  • Along with the maitake mushroom, it is considered as one of the best natural aids in the prevention and in fighting cancer cells.
  • Phytochemicals and polysaccharides contained in this mushroom stimulate the production of antibodies and this in turn strengthens the immune system, so it has amazing natural antivirus properties.
  • If allergies are your concern, reishi is an excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory aid. It reduces histamine production which in turn reduces allergic-induced coughs, sneezing, and watering of the eyes.
  • Probably the most popular use of reishi powder is for detox purposes. It helps your liver and gall-bladder functions so they can process toxins more effectively.
  • You can add powdered reishi to your smoothies, shakes, and fresh juices, but a method gaining popularity is brewing your reishi powder as tea.

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