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Discover our brand new wildly delicious Chocolate Covered Roobars!

Roo'bar is



organic ingredients


plant based


naturally gluten free


various superfoods



    naturally sweetened


    natural ingredients


    no soy products


    kosher food

    Find The Everyday Adventure!


    Roobars have a simple recipe consisting exclusively of organic, vegan and gluten-free ingredients.

    We created our Roo’bars with all of your daily adventures in mind:

    • The Protein line has your breakfast covered.
    • Superfoods for when you need that extra boost.
    • Energy line gets you through the day.
    • Sneaking in a feel-good dessert with any of the Choco Covered bars is super easy!
    More About Roobar

    With thousands of fans all around the world, the adventures of Roobar continue. Every year they drive more and more people who share the same passion for food. Roobar reaches 46 countries on 4 continents and it’s the market leader in the organic raw food bar category in Europe, with close to 1 million bars sold monthly.

    This adventurous brand is here to surprise us again with its latest bestsellers. The new line consists of four irresistible products which reminds us that every experience could be an adventure. The four bars part of the line are – Roobar Peanut Chocolate Covered, Roobar Almond Chocolate Covered, Roobar Hazelnut Chocolate Covered and Roobar Coconut Chocolate Covered. The products are in a single package of 30g and can be found in convenience stores, health stores and gas stations.

    Here To Inspire Us

    Roobar is not like any other bar; it has a strong bond with the pursuit of everyday adventure. Even though having new and exciting experiences requires many efforts and time, Roobar has its ways and is here to inspire us. It simply shows us that taking small steps towards big adventures starts with taking good care of your body and doing good to yourself.

    Roobar builds a community with people who care for their physical and mental health but too often need to multitask and juggle between multiple responsibilities. They have a growing desire for convenient yet fun approaches that support their active lifestyle and satisfy their needs for excitement. The brand helps active young people take good care of themselves and feel better through the 100% healthy, guilt-free and amazingly delicious snacks without added sugars.

    Roobar Chocolate Covered

    Roobar Chocolate Covered is a perfect on the go snack which contains several simple ingredients and nothing more. “You can see and taste the ingredients of our bars. Their recipes simplify the digestion. They are extremely pure – no artificial sweeteners are added. Each and every one of our bars has at least 1 superfood in it – goji berry, maca etc.

    Every ingredient is the same as the one you can find in nature.”- shares Yani Dragov, CEO of Smart Organic. Not only it is healthy but this new adventure with a twist is also temptingly delicious. The chocolate cover of the bar is made from high-quality cacao mass, cacao butter, coconut cream and coconut sugar.

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    Quality defines Roobar
    Roobars have а simple recipe consisting exclusively of organic, vegan and gluten-free ingredients. The whole production process is carried out in our own state-of-the-art facility which allows us to set the highest standards using the most innovative production technologies. We choose some of the world’s finest organic ingredients and we have implemented quality controls at every level of the production chain. Download our certificates here.