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High Protein Mousse Recipe

Indulge yourself with a protein mousse! It`s a great option for your high protein diet & sports lifestyle. Here is the full high protein mousse recipe.

Ingredients for High Protein Mousse:

15 dates
2 tbsp. almond tahini
2 tbsp. Energy smoothie powder
4 tbsp. almond milk

Instructions for High Protein mousse

Soak the dates for about 30 minutes in hot water, after that remove the pits and peel off the dates. The soaked dates should be quite easy to peel. Blend them together with the other ingredients until you get a perfectly smooth mixture.

It will take you very little time to prepare the high protein mousse recipe, but you will surely enjoy it.

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Aneliya Chelingerova

I would describe myself as a lover of real food and not only its good taste, but most of all its qualities.

I believe that the pleasure of food comes from preparing it with products that we know where and how they are grown and then combined into a delicious dish, whether it will be just vegetable soup or a beautiful raw cake in several layers.

In the last few years I have been concentrated on returning to the natural and true to life, to grow some of my products on my own, and to procure those that I cannot grow at home from local Bulgarian producers or importers of organic products. This is real food and real pleasure for me!

In addition to cooking, I also love sharing some of the recipes on my blog and on my Instagram page – @chellingearthy

26 years old living in Sofia

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