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Delicious and healthy snack ideas

During our daily routine often we forget the main meals or we do not have time for them. When we get hungry, we reach for the most easily accessible alternatives – often the most harmful. They are not the best we can offer our bodies. Thus, eating between the main meals for the day might add extra centimetres to the waist and takes away from our self-esteem and health. The way to stay full and avoid all snack ideas is to choose delicious and healthy ideas for eating without guilt and remorse. Thanks to them, we gain rich flavours from pure, organic ingredients and technologies that preserve the maximum benefits for our health.  From midnight snacks to a special movie night, the options for a delicious snack without remorse are so many.

Eating at any time of the day

Eating all day

The fast-paced times in which we live present us with various challenges daily. For example, one of them is the ever-current issue of eating. What can you eat at any time of the day without harming your health and gaining extra kilograms? What is suitable for eating on foot when you are in a hurry and on the go? How about when there is no time for a lunch break or as an afternoon snack? Maybe one during the night? The answer to these questions is even more relevant during a pandemic.

Whether you are on the road, working from home or at the office, there is a wide choice of options for healthy snacks at your disposal. All you need to do is shop wisely to choose delicious offers that are prepared by the principles of healthy eating with organic products that will replenish the body and mind with beneficial substances.

In order not to starve, start your day with a healthy and filling morning meal. Bett’r’s Granola Hazelnut is a good choice. It will make you smile and charge you with energy, at the price of only 2 grams of sugar in one serving – the perfect taste without remorse, guilt and worries about the ingredients.

For people with a dynamic lifestyle

When every day is dynamic, and you are constantly on the move, the situation with the urgent hunger is saved by several options, hidden in the bag, the backpack, or the carFor those with a sweet tooth, good ideas are the organic bars from Roobar. They are available in so many variants – with chocolate, superfoods, protein, fruit – so you can be trying different ones for a month. If you prefer crispy salty offerings, be sure to try Bett’r’s organic savoury crackers. They are a great breakfast without remorse, respecting the traditional Bulgarian taste. In addition, they are crispy, gluten-free, with quinoa, sprinkled with sesame and flaxseed and flavoured with Himalayan salt. They satiate without compromising on taste and your health. All you need to do is to remember to bring them with you. Thus, you will always have something healthy to eat without remorse.

For people with less active daily lives

The situation is similar with those who are anchored to the chair at the desk, behind the wheel or in the home office. Staying in the latter, by the way, teaches us that the constant proximity to the refrigerator is not good for our figure. To help in such situations, when you are deprived of enough movement and tempted by “easy” eating options – like some calorie bombs, there are again good options for consumption without remorse. You can choose Bett’r’s Mini Rice Cakes or turn the Rice Waffles with 7 super seeds into a super delicious sandwich with optional toppings. Brown rice, supplemented with chia and quinoa, in addition to bringing joy to the palate, will replenish the body’s reserves of manganese, selenium, phosphorus, copper and magnesium.

For lovers of midnight snacking

If you are one of those people who work in the evening or are very hungry between 10 and 11 pm, always struggle with their affinity for sweet temptations and the desire to be in good shape, there is a solution for you. Suitable for eating during the night without remorse is, for example, the Cookie Caramelized salted almonds by Kookie Cat, which is a healthy perfection that is gluten-, soy- and palm oil-free, sweet and salty.

 Sweet and salty snack ideas

sweet and salty meals

Some prefer to eat salty things, some – sweet, and others are fond of the balance between sweet and salty. Whichever of the three groups you belong to, there are suggestions that allow you to indulge in your favourite tastes without feeling guilty and damaging your figure and health. Healthy sweet and savoury snacks for consumption at any time, wherever you are, do not compromise on taste. They actually offer a colourful palette of gastronomic experiences from around the world, served in a healthy format suitable for everyone. Here are specific suggestions you can take advantage of. They are suitable for everyday consumption.

Sweet suggestions for eating without remorse

Among them are various bars, biscuits, chocolates, chewing gum, spreads, which contain various healthy organic ingredients and superfoods, without added white refined sugar, gluten, soy or GMO. Moreover, there are also options with ready-made baking mixes, from which you can easily prepare your favourite dessert in a healthy format.

– raw bars – without heat for optimal preservation of good for the body ingredients. More than interesting are the organic raw balls from Roobar, which have added herbal probiotics so that you can look and feel good;

bars with tahini – energy from nature with delicious tahini;

– cookies from Kookie Cat and Rookies – organic products without gluten, soy and palm oil, suitable for every taste and diet;

– sesame seed offerings without refined sugar;

granola from fine gluten-free oatmeal for a sweet start to the day;

hazelnut-cocoa cream spread – an excellent companion for rice crackers, which you can eat without remorse;

nuts covered with chocolate from organic farming;

organic chocolates from high-quality cocoa without refined sugar;

chewing gum with the natural sweetener xylitol and all-organic flavours;

– pastry mixes – such as gluten-free brownie mix and gluten-free pancake mix from Bett’r ;

Of course, the list with possibilities goes on and on, and there are options to indulge in if you are craving sweet tastes without feeling guilty and damaging your health. Try and discover the ones for you.  In addition, you can also choose beneficial ingredients and superfoods from Dragon Superfoods such as crushed cocoa beans, coconut sugar, Ceylon cinnamon powder, drops of white chocolate, organic chia seeds, walnut flour and everything you need to prepare healthy desserts for your own taste.

Salty suggestions for eating without remorse

Here the options are so many. So, if you like salty delicacies, you will not lose anything. Healthy crispy chips, crackers, popcorn, salads – there is everything and it is very, very tasty.

kale chips with various additives such as mustard and onion or cheese with pepper;

– algae chips, dried at low temperature to preserve all the useful ingredients;

organic crackers – gluten-free, different flavours;

– oatmeal with basil and oregano, sea salt or turmeric;

rice snacks from brown rice;

quinoa snacks;

popcorn with sea salt;

The delicious salty meal without remorse is completely accessible to everyone, anywhere, as long as you don’t forget to put a few packets of crunchy temptations in your bag.

For those who love sweet and salty delicacies

Healthy foods, in which sweet and salty are in harmony, are more than tempting and interesting. These include Coconut Chips with Cocoa, French Sea Salt, Chili or Salted Caramel from Bett’r; Kale chips, chocolate and almonds or popcorn with caramel. How to choose? Try them all. They will not affect your figure but will bring pleasant experiences to the palate.

Healthy snacks for children

Healthy meals for children

Healthy breakfast and eating for children is a mission that parents take very seriously. The formation of beneficial eating habits from an early age is a guarantee of a healthy life.

While walking in nature, on the playground, while playing in front of the computer, to eat during the break at school, during the halftime of a football or basketball game, in the car on the road – children want to eat something now and immediately. It is up to the parents to present them with a healthy option that will be delicious, satiate them and take care of their health.

The taste of healthy snacks for children is very important. Often, youngsters reject foods that they do not like both in taste and appearance. Therefore, choose products that will meet these requirements and are manufactured with clean, organic products and technologies.

Healthy snack ideas for children:

– a healthy breakfast in the morning at home – for example, rice waffles garnished as a sandwich or granola;

– a healthy breakfast prepared by you with organic products that do not contain gluten and GMO;

– foods for during the breaks at school or at school camp – if your child prefers sweets, you can put in their backpack a raw bar with nuts, dried fruits and chocolate or a useful cookie; if you prefer a salty meal, choose organic crackers or snacks like Bett’r’s Quinoa Pizza. These healthy products are gluten-free, but have children’s favourite flavours;

– breakfast for children suitable for consumption on the go – bet on healthy offers such as Bett’r’s Oatmeal saltines with sea salt, which will not irritate the stomach, but satiate the child. You can also offer chewing gum with xylitol and natural flavours;

– eating at the playground – choose the traditional package, however not full of a product with salt, refined sugar and palm oil, but with benefits. It can be salads, snacks, rice chips, popcorn – all in a healthy format;

– when visiting grandma with healthy offerings – grandma will like them too; they are tasty, beneficial and will replace at least to some extent the favourite fried snacks, traditional for such visits – pancakes, fried toast and others;

– fast, tasty and healthy eating without remorse for teenagers – they like eating during any time of the day, grow and move constantly so they need a lot of energy. Therefore, offer them healthy snacks, bars, cookies or salads. They will like them and start looking for them, choosing them for a snack. Thus, you will not only help build healthy habits but will also positively affect their health.

Useful meals for athletes

Useful meals for athletes

What to eat when you play sports? The question excites everyone who falls in this category. The right choice of food is very important for the shape of professional athletes. No wonder why over time they become experts in nutrition and “chemistry” of food and proper combinations. Eating should be healthy, carry useful nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, microelements; be varied and tasty, preferably without gluten, refined sugar and palm oil, as well as be tailored to the specific diet. It should not exhaust the body and burden it, but charge it with energy.

Therefore, from breakfast, through snacks, to dinner, nutrition is extremely important for every athlete. It should include easily digestible food, rich in healthy components, as well as enough protein for energy throughout the day.

Organic proteins are an excellent source of essential amino acids, minerals, fiber for good digestion, vitamins and omega fatty acids. They favour muscle strength and endurance. They are an excellent alternative to animal proteins and are needed for a balanced diet.

How to eat healthy for optimally useful workouts?

– Start with breakfast by adding to the shake, muesli or raw dessert plant-based protein powder – from chia, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, lupine powder, almond protein, pea protein, rice protein and others; Each of them provides healthy ingredients to the body, and can be combined for optimal effect. You can bet on a protein powder mix in which plant-based bio-proteins are in a common blend with optimal benefits;

– You can mix a protein shake for a boost and satiation like Dragon Superfoods’ Bio Protein Shake Supermix. Add two tablespoons of water or milk, stir and it is ready for consumption;

– choose a protein smoothie-like ROO’s Protein smoothie with strawberry and raspberry;

– bet on organic protein products for tasty and healthy eating such as the Organic raw bar with hemp protein from Roobar or crispy organic vegan protein cookie from Kookie Cat

– when cooking, rely on superfoods, organic gluten-free flours and fresh products;

Healthy eating strengthens the immune system, helps detoxify the body, fills it with energy for training and busy daily life, balances and helps maintain optimal weight. Therefore, as athletes, rely on cooking superfoods suitable for a keto diet, organic proteins in various forms like the products from Dragon Superfoods. Be in perfect shape in every sense and fill your body with enough healthy, satiating products to eat without remorse, so as not to go wrong in a time of hunger choosing high-calorie unhealthy foods.

Recipes for healthy snack ideas

A healthy meal without remorse can be packaged for convenient and immediate consumption. However, when we have the time, desire and opportunity, we can prepare delicious temptations for ourselves, which are not only healthy but also very tasty.

In view of the increasing attention that people pay to nutrition, an impressive number of recipes for healthy eating without remorse are available online, from which we can choose. These include healthy smoothies, snacks and pastries, as well as delicious desserts without white flour and refined white sugar. All of them are suitable for the moments between the main meals when we would like to consume something. To successfully prepare them, we need suitable products.

The alternatives to white flour, with which we can prepare recipes for healthy meals, snacks, pastries and desserts, are numerous. These include almond flour, sunflower seeds, flaxseed, chickpeas, walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, hemp, carob, coconut, rice, tapioca and more. We can also use raw nuts – almonds, hazelnuts, cashews and others.

For sweet recipes, tempting additives such as Dragon Superfoods’ Dark Chocolate Drops are available, with which we can prepare amazing biscuits, muffins or sweets. Coconut and cocoa butter are good alternatives to oil in cakes. You can use refined ghee oil from Bio Class. Add raw nuts, dried fruits and aromatic spices such as Ceylon cinnamon and ginger and your fragrant gingerbread and sweets will become wonderful.

You can choose Bio Erythritol as a sweetener for healthy meals. It is an alternative to sugar, does not contain any calories and is suitable for consumption by diabetics. It is resistant to heat and can be used in the preparation of various foods and beverages. There are also coconut, palm, organic muscovado sugar, organic demerara sugar, with which we can also prepare irresistible healthy meals without remorse. Suitable sweeteners are organic coconut nectar, sugar cane molasses, as well as tahini, dried fruit and maple syrup.

Available for moments when you feel like eating without remorse, but you don’t want to deal with long and complicated recipes, there are ready-made baking mixes. They are for example for pancakes, brownies and other favourite temptations.

Eat deliciously at any time of the day with recipes for bread, croissants, pastries, cakes, muffins, biscuits, salads, snacks and bruschettas. Stir, cook, bake – put in a box and carry with you when you are on the go or eat sweets and without remorse at home.

How to organize a movie night with healthy snacks?

Movie night with snacks

Movie nights are a great idea to diversify everyday life, especially in the current pandemic that has led to the closure of cinemas. Watching movies traditionally goes with a variety of delicious things to eat. Not coincidentally, every self-respecting cinema sells popcorn, nachos and all sorts of other crunchy things. It is good if we want to stay in shape to choose those traditional options but to trust just as delicious healthy alternatives. Thus, wearing our favourite jeans will not be difficult for us and we will maintain an excellent figure and self-confidence. Therefore, choose your favourite movie, clear your schedule for the evening and prepare delicious healthy things to eat without remorse. Share the experience with the person next to you, the whole family or organize a special experience for the children.

We have healthy snack ideas for your movie night. Choose popcorn with sea salt and coconut oil, which are suitable for young and old and could be eaten without any guilt. For the ladies and those who love sweet and salty flavours, you can also trust the Organic Popcorn with Salted Caramel from Bett’r.

Apart from the classic popcorn, healthy chips such as kale chips with various additives like mustard and onion or cheese with pepper, rice chips, seaweed or coconut chips with cocoa, French sea salt or for the more adventurous – with chilli.

Healthy crunchy foods for a movie night include quinoa crackers, oatmeal salads with different flavours. They offer excellent flavours with many dimensions, among which everyone can find their favourite temptations. In addition, they are healthy, organic and support our health.

Let’s not forget those with a sweet tooth. For them, there are Vanilla Mini Cookies and chocolates from Kookie Cat, which are vegan, oatmeal, gluten-free and with an amazing taste. Other options are various biscuits, balls, raw bars and more. If you like eating desserts during movie night, you can also make your favourite cake with healthy ingredients, which you can cut on a plate and eat while enjoying the movie.

Each of the options is suitable for children. You can build a tent for them, place the snacks in suitable containers, turn off the lights and give them a truly exciting cinema experience. They will be satisfied and full, thanks to the healthy and delicious snacks.

There are healthy snack ideas without remorse, guilt and worry about the ingredients, at any time of the day and for any occasion. Shop consciously for useful organic products from brands that are part of Smart Organic – Roo’bar, Dragon Superfoods, Bett’r, Kookie cat and Rookies, which will satisfy even the most sophisticated palate and will support good health and fitness. The choice of healthy eating brings to our body useful substances – fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals. They are needed by everyone – both those with a dynamic daily life, who travel thousands of kilometres around the world and in our country, and those who are anchored at home and deprived of normal exercise; children, the elderly, pregnant women, athletes, those suffering from various chronic and other diseases. The best diet is the healthy diet, and it requires good planning, including small snacks between main meals. Eat deliciously without guilt and remorse and be healthy!

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