Our Company

Smart Organic was founded in 2009 with the intention to make healthy food affordable and enjoyable for everyone. Today we are one of the leading producers and distributors of organic food in Europe. Through our network of distributors and retailers our products are available in more than 60 countries worldwide – in our local market, the European Union, as well as in Asia and the Americas.

Smart Organic


Our mission is to produce food that people can enjoy and feel good about themselves.


People First

What can be more important than the health and wellbeing of humans – that of the consumers of our products, of our employees, and of our suppliers – the farmers working on the fields.
Yes, we want to make profit, but not at the expense of anyone’s health! That’s why we carefully select high quality organic ingredients and put extra attention on the working conditions in our factories and warehouses


We produce only products that we believe in, products that we enjoy ourselves and give to our own families. Authenticity is our strength.

Long-Term Solutions

We manage our business in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable locally and globally, because we want to meet the needs of both current and future generations. Combining this with our efforts to produce products of exceptionally high quality has always been and continues to be our highest priority.

Win-Win Thinking

We can only go far when we are together. That’s why we love to partner with and support like-minded companies and cooperate in a win-win manner. Our approach is based on mutual trust and is in line with our responsibility as a company to contribute to effective benefit and growth for everyone in the food supply chain.

Focused on Innovation

Our main challenge is to meet the needs of our customers and anticipate their future ones – both in our products as well as in the way they reach the consumers. Therefore innovation is an integral part of our daily work. On the products front we strive to develop healthy replicas of existing favorite products by removing harmful ingredients from them.

Positive Attitude

Despite our efforts not everything turns out the way we want. Yet maintaining a positive attitude, keeping a smile helps us deal effectively with difficulties and continue to pursue our mission.. For every challenge and every failure is a stepping stone towards our goal to make organic


We are taking bold steps in our quest to respond adequately and quickly to the growing needs for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. We have the courage to make responsible choices and change the status quo by applying better business practices.


At Smart Organic CSR is in our DNA, so we usually do not talk much about. We also do not have a CSR department as every single employee is an integral part of it.

We focus on two aspects:
1. Environment – to do our business in such a way that we leave a better planet for the future generations

2. Giving back – donating a part of our profit to the underprivileged



We have been powering our productions with roof-top solar panel installations for several years now. With a total of 510 pKW we manage to cover more than half of our annual energy needs thus saving 307 tons of CO2 every year – the equivalent of 1.1 million km on an average fossil fuel car.


Back in 2019 we decided to no more buy fossil fuel cars and to gradually shift our entire car fleet to electric cars. Now with a fleet of 18 battery EVs more than 60% of our vehicles are with zero emissions.


We are shifting to sustainable packaging for our products. Most of them (more than 90%) are already in either home compostable plastic-free or paper packaging or single material recyclable. We are working on several projects with our retail partners to achieve a closed circle and reuse our glass packaging.

Planting trees

We are supporting several NGOs in their reforestation efforts such as the Art of Living foundation, 8billion trees and gorata.bg.

Rainforest sugar project

According to Greenpeace, Indonesia has already lost 72 deforestation in of its rain forests. Another 45 million hectares are in danger, mainly by the palm oil and paper industries. What can we do to prevent this at the same time providing income for the local farmers. The arenga trees comes in to help. Unlike the oil palm, the arenga palms grow best in the rainforest among other trees and is a natural part of the jungle. Its nectar is being collected and from it our rainforest sugar is being derived. This sugar is rich in minerals and has a much lower glycemic index compared to normal sugar. Good for you, good for the environment.

Giving back

The main project that we support is the educational initiative of the Art of Living foundation in India. The foundation runs over 700 schools in India’s rural, tribal and slum areas, providing 73.000 children from low-income families free education, books, school uniforms and warm meals. The majority of the children are first generation graduates thus giving them a chance for better start of their lives. About half of the children in the schools are girls and according to studies women with education are less probable to marry before the age of 18 and on average earn 2-3 times more than those with no education. Find out more about the impact in the Impact report of the foundation.


We are proudly producing

The majority of our products in our own factory in Sofia spread over more than 6000 sq.m. This allows us to have better control over every step of the production process every single day. We have three main production halls.

Bars Production

Here every month we produce more than 1 milion energy and protein bars – fruit and nut based, plant-based, no added sugar, for kids, adults, sportsmen and active people in general. Our latest add-on is the chocolate covering line where we enrob the bars in yummy vegan chocolate made in-house from Peruvian cocoa. Our brand of bars is Roobar.


Here we produce KookieCat – delicious gluten free vegan cookies. No palm fat, no wheat flour, no eggs, no dairies, no cane sugar. Yet with the taste and texture of a good cookie. We also bake here our gluten-free granola as well as our coconut chips and apple chips – all under the brand name Bett’r. Oh, and the no-added-sugar cookies called Rookies sweetened only with dried fruits.

Packaging Lines

Here we pack a large selection of high quality organic raw materials in retail packages. Among them are basic food such as organic grains, pulses, seeds, nuts and dried fruits; superfoods from all over the world such as raw cocoa products, spirulina, maca and so on; and coconut oil, cocoa butter and organic ghee. Our brands are Smart Organic for the basic food and Dragon Superfoods for the functional foods.


Our aim is to provide the most natural, minimally processed foods, while making them convenient and easy to use.

Our production is organic certified as well as certified according to the highest international standard for food safety and product and production process quality – IFS with 97% compliance. In addition to that we have a dense monitoring plan for doing laboratory test for pesticides, heavy metals and microbiology. This is a top priority for our quality team in order to ensure the organic quality of the products and their safety. Our quality control tracks every stage of the supply chain – production of the raw materials, processing, storage and transport. You can find our certificates below:

Responsible Sourcing

In order to be able to offer affordable high quality products

We shorten the supply chain by purchasing raw materials directly from manufacturers around the world. In this way we reduce harmful emissions during transportation and use less packaging. Our priority is to source raw materials locally from Bulgarian and European farmers. The rest we source from farmers, cooperatives and traders from 30+ countries around the world. Healthy and long-term relationships with our suppliers have a positive impact on the quality of the raw materials they supply us.

The Smart Organic World Today